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Guess who’s coming to Bloemfontein?

The only news that is on every Bloemfonteiner’s lips today is whether or not you got  your ticket. For what, you ask? Well for Ms Oprah Winfrey’s appearance on our sands, duh!

Oprah, recently retired from presenting her talk show, after 25 years of wonderful television moments, has been invited to receive an Honourary Doctorate from the University of the Free State. Because she’s obviously been reading The Bloemfontein Blog and has seen how much Bloem has to offer, she’s accepted the invitation with great enthusiasm and will be visiting the city on Friday 24 June.

Queues around Computicket centres in Bloemfontein were filled with excited chatter as people waited for the R10 tickets (yes, I didn’t leave out a zero; it’s ten rand only) to go on sale. Because the University of the Free State students and staff had first preference, general public sales only began at 10am. Half an hour later, I had my two tickets (the limit per person). And an hour after that, they were all sold out. So, now, who wants to bribe me for my extra ticket?

The queue for Oprah Winfrey tickets at the Loch Logan Waterfront.


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  1. Oprah in Bloem? And you’re going to see her?? For only R10???


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