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The Orchid House – undercover beauty

Set in a circular glass greenhouse, the Orchid House is an oasis of colourful, exotic beauty. Besides offering a quiet place in which to chill out and reflect on nature’s gorgeous offerings, it can also be an educational outing if you allow yourself time to read all the wall-mounted info about every variety of orchid. I prefer to just appreciate the bursts of colour amid the greenery. It’s the closest I could get to a tropical-island feeling. The only thing missing was a strawberry daiquiri.


The details

Address: Union Avenue

Mon-Fri 10am-4pm

Sat-Sun 10am-5pm

Free admission

To contact the Free State Orchid Society, call Andre Swanepoel (072-4761568), Fanie Vorster (072-1882784) or Suzanne Myburgh (083-2680226)


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  1. My goodness! I didn’t think the orchid house was still so well looked after. What a pleasant surprise!! And the photos are stunning!


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