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Crazy Daisy – eats and treats

Outside stands a silver milk jug filled with purple flowers; to the one side of it, an empty bird cage; on the other side, two heart-shaped boxes. This eclecticism is just a little hint of what you can find inside Crazy Daisy, a gift-and-yummies store that manages to pack in a whole lot of fun details into a relatively small space.

Divinely named cakes (who can resist titles such as ‘malva milky bar’, ‘custard’ and ‘hot chocolate’?) fill one of the store’s wooden tables; smaller sweet treats fill another; while the fridge is packed with savouries (the kind you want all to yourself – no sharing!) and traditional treats such as koeksusters. Every few hours another freshy baked dish makes its way from the oven to the counter top, to be displayed alongside the meringues, fudge and cupcakes. Breads, quiches and home-baked pies fill the store with an addictive aroma, and are the neighbourhood’s popular quick-fix lunch-time meal. Behind this counter is a blackboard wall, filled with white-chalk writings by regulars. The black and white is offset by the vibrancy of various reels of colourful ribbon – standing ready to be wrapped around one of your gift choices from Crazy Daisy.

Everything from fabric brooches and diamante photo frames to trinket boxes and quirky greeting cards can be found within these four walls. There are also cushions, gravy bowls, notebooks, gift bags, cutlery, ornaments, bookmarks, aprons, and hearts… lots and lots of hearts – everywhere!

Oh, and let me not forget such a store’s staple ingredients: rusks and biltong! You get the point – anything you want, it’s here. And, to top it all off, you even get the uber-friendly service of store manager Stefanie, who takes an interest in each and every customer. She’ll go so far as to help customers who get carried away with the shopping to carry their goodies to the car. Yip, that’s the kind of thing we’ve got going here in Bloem. Crazy Daisy indeed!


The details

Preller Square 051-4366230

Langenhoven Park 051-4464099

Fleurdal 051-5220462


Crazy Daisy at Preller Square.

Greeting cards for every occasion.

Out-of-the-ordinary gift ideas.

Quirky objects for your own home.

Fabric brooches to liven up your look.

Who can resist a meringue so obviously made with great inspiration.


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  1. Oh! That’s Tannie Sandri’s shop! Make sure she reads all about it.

  2. Just the place to test weight watchers’ will power


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